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Gabby Martin

Gabby Martin

Custodial Supervisoroffice: (858) 487-0811 x270

When did you first come to RBCPC? What made you stay?

I first came to RBCPC by the end of September 2010 for a job interview. The hiring process took about two weeks and I praise God they selected me. I started working on October 1st, 2010.

What's your role at RBCPC?

My role and responsability is to provide leadership to the cuatodial staff, create their work schedule and list of duties.This is not hard at all since we have a terrific group of guys as you may already know. I also take joy in booking all of the events that take place at this amazing campus on the church master calendar. This part of my jobs gives me the opportunity to meet most of our lovely volunteers that have a role of leadership and I support them with their vision to Become Disciples and Grow Relationships.

What inspires you?

My faith and love for Jesus Christ inspires me to serve this wonderful church. RBCPC family is so passionate to Serve Everywhere. I am happy to be a piece of the puzzle that helps spread the good news of salvation and our responsibility to serve the community. 

What's your background?

I dedicated my years of single life, serving the Lord with the Hispanic youth. I attended to a christian seminar in Spanish for Christian Education. This motivated me to co-found a Christian Youth Association with six of my best friends. I served there for 5 years. We coordinated leadership training for the youth counselors, an annual camp, concerts, sports competitions and mission work. On top of this I was a General Manager for a chain of organic cafes in La Jolla and the Downtown area.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

One of my hobbies is Wedding Planning. God has given me the joy to help close to 30 couples, plan their big day. I've been married for eight year now with Adam Martin! We work together on coordinating visits to La Casa de la Esperanza. This is the orphanage where I grew up and I now have the blessing to give back to them.