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Gayle Merry  Marrett

Gayle Merry Marrett

Resale Shops Manager

When did you come to RBCPC? What made you stay?

I came to RBCPC in 1998 when hired to manage the young RBCPC Resale Shop organization. I enjoyed working with the volunteers who were, at that time, almost exclusively members of RBCPC and I enjoyed the satisfaction gained from the work dedicated to supporting church missions. The position makes use of my strengths in designing and staging, and in my ability to work effectively with (and for) people from all backgrounds and cultures. Also, it is rewarding to be able to manage a business that is helpful to the local community where many are in need of quality household items at affordable prices to fit their tight budgets.

What is your role at RBCPC?

I am the Manager of the 4 RBCPC Resale Shops in Poway at 12845 Poway Road (in the Carriage Center) which has a goal of providing significant funding for church missions.

What Inspires you?

I have always drawn inspiration from working and inter-relating with the 150+ volunteers that work at the Resale Shops and learning their stories. It is also inspiring to see how the funding we are able to provide for our church missions has helped to enhance and, in some cases, expand those missions. Also, talking with our customers who come from every walk of life and hearing how much they appreciate how our shops (and quite often, our volunteer workers) have provided a helping hand to them in some tough times is very motivating.

What's Your Background?

I have a BA in Behavioral Science from Northern Arizona University and have completed work towards a Masters in Counseling. I am a trained Spiritual Director. I have particular talent, and extensive experience, in the many aspects of fund-raising and have often put that experience to use to help augment the Resale Shop’s funding for missions.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

One objective I continue to seek a means of accomplishing is to help establish ‘sister’ Resale Shops in some of our foreign mission areas (perhaps Africa or South America) to be owned and run by the citizens of that area. With our experience and support, and if these shops could be established in the right areas, this type of business could be very helpful to the local economy and, specifically, to families in need.