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Parish Nurses

All RBCPC Parish Nurse work is performed in confidentiality with God’s guidance.

The parish nurses can help you find answers to your healthcare questions such as:

  • How do I hire help for my elderly mother who lives alone?
  • Can someone from church visit my 95 year-old dad who lives by himself?
  • Can you check my blood pressure?
  • Do you teach CPR classes?
  • Could you check on my 78 year-old friend who has become forgetful?

If you have healthcare questions, please contact us. Parish nurses are in the Courtyard most Sundays from 9:30 – 10 AM. During Prime Time season a parish nurse is available Thursday mornings from 10 to 11 AM. Come see us for useful healthcare information and blood pressure checks.


Certification CPR classes based on American Heart Association guidelines. Reservations Required.

CPR Class Schedule

First Aid Training

Receive training First Aid Basics with completion card from American Heart Association. Reservations required. Contact  , 858-487-0811, x272.

View our calendar to see when the next class is

Visitation Ministries

"The greatest pain on earth is not the pain of hunger or poverty, but rather the pain of isolation, abandonment, and feeling unloved" ~ Mother Teresa

Visitation Volunteers

This ministry serves church members who are homebound or limited in their activities. We recognize and stress the healing importance of Christian friendship. The Visitation Volunteer ministry strives to decrease the isolation experienced by some of our church members. Volunteer opportunities are always available!

If you'd like to request a visitation volunteer, please fill out the form below, or contact the parish nurses directly.

Visitation Request Form

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You Are Loved Ministry

You Are Loved volunteers visit people living in care facilities who are not members of RBCPC. These folks may not have family or friends. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Resources available in the Welcome Center:

San Diego Eldercare Directory

This is a guide with information on independent living and long-term care options. Topics include: housing alternatives, in-home solutions, legal matters, healthcare services, end of life issues and more.

Vial Of Life Kits

These kits include a form for your personal medical information to be used  in emergency situations. We’ll be glad to help you complete your form and answer any related questions.