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Music and the Arts

God created us in his image, and we seek to reflect his creativity in our lives - to show God's glory in our art, in our music, and in our lives (2 Corinthians 4:18).

The arts are an important way we give expression to our faith at RBCPC. Some of us make art. Others of us find inspiration in the art around us, whether in worship, around campus, or at home. Great art inspires our devotion as it directs our focus on the Creator. Great music touches our hearts and releases our deepest feelings. Great literature uses imagination to extend the possibilities of life beyond our own limitations.

We invite you to take in the artistic riches you will find all over campus. If you enjoy creating art, we invite you explore one the many ways of sharing fellowship with others who enjoy the creative process.

What we share here is a clear and firm commitment to seek God's presence in our lives, to let our art stand as a witness to his inspiration, and to offer it to our community in thanksgiving for his blessings. We invite you to join us!

Traditional Music Ministry

Learn about what makes our Traditional Music Ministries so unique, or find an opportunity to share your love of music with others who enjoy singing or playing an instrument.

Contemporary Music Ministry

We enjoy using music as a way for people to connect with, respond to, and be transformed by God.

Youth Music & Theater

We use the many gifts that God has given us in service to Him, and we have a ton of fun in the process!

Concert Series

Concerts, dramas, and entertainment are offered throughout the year for the community.

The Art Gallery

We provide a place for the visual arts within the church, as an expression of our God-given creativity and as a reflection of our creative God.