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RBCPC is proud to partner with missions and service opportunities in our community, across the country, and around the globe. We have missions teams that range from our own downtown San Diego to Africa, Asia, and South America. Our missions programs are selected and advocated by our own Elders, and supported by monetary gifts given by the congregation.

Missions Resources

Mission Trip Preparation Information


Egypt Mission Trip School Supply Drive

The 2017 Egypt mission trip team is holding a school supplies drive to help support about 400 students in Egypt, whose families are not able to afford buying school supplies. We are seeking donations of the following items:
- light weight pen/pencil cases
- pencils (assortment) 
- ball point pens
- Rulers 
- erasers 
- pencil sharpeners
- highlighters 
- black sharpies
- Crayola or Cra-z-Art 8/pack colored pencils 
- Crayola 8/pack markers
- stickers for school-age and non-school-age children 
For your convenience, there will be a large donation box in the welcome center (main church office,) where you can kindly drop off your donations. The donation box will be available starting Sunday, July 9 and for the next two weeks (until July 23). If you prefer to make a financial contribution to this cause, please make your donation to "Egypt Mission Trip Matt. 25:40 account". 
Thank you in advance for participating in meeting the needs of the less fortunate families in Egypt.
In Christ, 
Pastor Mofid & the 2017 Egypt Mission Team 



Missions We Support


Agabus provides financial supports for Egyptian pastors. This support allows them to share the Gospel and serve other persecuted Christians in Egypt.

Agabus PK

Agabus PK provides support for pastor's kids in Egypt, helping them with education expenses and supplies. We also come alongside poor churches and provide supplies for their sunday school classes.

Alternatives Womens Center

Alternatives Women's Center empowers and serves women who are facing unplanned pregnancies. We want to be a compassionate place during this time of need.

Baja Presbyterian Missions

Baja Prebyterian Missions promotes Christ's message of hope, plants and grows churches, raises money for construction projects and supplements Pastor's salaries prior to church self-sufficiency.

Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

We are a caring community, passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. Our objective is for every person in the world to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Elma Barnett Children's Centre Kenya (EBCCK)

Elma Barnett Child Care Centre Kamanong (EBCCK) is a place that provides necessities for young children in the area around Kamanong, Kenya.

Escuela Cristiana Camirena

Escuela Cristiana Camirena provides Christian education to children in Camiri, Bolivia. They also host a church, provide community events, and bring the Gospel to the community and the surrounding areas.

GO MonGOlia

This exciting mission helps advance a First Generation Christian Movement by bringing Christ’s love to the people of Mongolia.

Kairos Prison Ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry brings the message of Christ’s love and forgiveness to the incarcerated through weekend gatherings and monthly meetings at RJ Donovan State Penitentiary.

Matt 25:40

Matthew 25:40 serves widows, orphans, persecuted Christians, new converts, those in medical need, and those with financial needs in countries all across the Middle East.