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Matt 25:40


Matt 25:40

    Matthew 25:40 serves widows, orphans, persecuted Christians, new converts, those in medical need, and those with financial needs in countries all across the Middle East.

    Our Mission

    Matthew 25:40 is an organization that takes its inspiration from the same verse. Matthew 25:40 serves and helps provide for people in need all across the Middle East.

    Our Mission Activities

    The organization serves in the Middle East by providing financial aid to widows, struggling families, and orphans and orphanages, and people living below the poverty line; helps provide for medical expenses for those in need; helps to build churches in new areas (such as the churches at Tayiba, al Minia, Dageof, Talbeya, Giza, Musas, and more); and helps to support ex-Muslim converts to Christianity who are cut off from their families.

    Individuals in the Middle East request assistance from their local church. If the church cannot help a request for help is sent to RBCPC. The requested funds are sent to the local church and they provide for the individuals needs.

    How You Can Support Matt. 25:40

    Our brothers and sisters in Christ need emotional, spiritual and finanical support. Please pray for them and consider supporting financially.

    More Information

    For more information, contact mission head Pastor Mofid Wasef, .