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GO MonGOlia


GO MonGOlia

    This exciting mission helps advance a First Generation Christian Movement by bringing Christ’s love to the people of Mongolia.


    Click here for an update on our latest trip.


    Our Mission Purpose

    Go MonGOlia is the name for our Campus Crusade ministry in Mongolia. Campus Crusade for Christ’s mission is: "To build MOVEMENTS everywhere, so that EVERYONE KNOWS someone who truly follows JESUS."

    Our Mission Activities

    When an RBCPC team travels to Outer Mongolia, we go with open hearts and willing hands with the prayer support of many here in the USA. Our RBCPC teams are serving with nomads, teachers, athletes, high school students and the military (which includes internal troops, border troops, and prison staff), and helping to lead worship at the yearly Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ (MCCC) conference.

    Serving in Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet, and outlying provinces, our teams help support the MCCC vision of spreading the Gospel. We are working beside staff leaders in building relationships, developing and encouraging lead disciples, and supporting outreach, small groups, ongoing discipleship, prayer and resources.

    Once back from our short term missions, we remain in contact with those MCCC staff members who now are no longer only names and faces, but individuals we lift up in prayer, financial support, email, and Skype.

    How You Can Support Go MonGOlia

    Become a ministry partner with us!

    Give God praise for the commitment MCCC has to share the Gospel in a country thirsty for hope and open to the Word of God!

    Pray for the staff members of MCCC in Outer Mongolia, most of whom are 1st generation Christians, who are learning how much God loves them and how to serve Him. Each is striving for a deeper relationship with God, winning others to Christ, and has a desire to learn how to be a single, spouse, or parent for HIM! Also pray for or our RBCPC “GO MonGOlia” mission teams. The team building, mission opportunities, each short term mission trip, and the continued relationships once back in San Diego; all need to be surrounded by your prayers.

    As you read of or meet Mongolian staff members and hear their faith stories, your hearts will go out to them! Some of you will be led to provide financial support. Coming from Buddhist or atheist backgrounds, in a country where there is not a history of Christianity, staff members have limited financial support.You can also give to the RBCPC “GO MonGOlia” mission support fund and support our missions teams.

    Since 2008, RBCPC has sent 7 teams to Mongolia to serve alongside the Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ staff. These teams have gone over to disciple new Christians, build community and fellowship groups, and lead Mongolians into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Is God calling you to GO for Him?

    More Information

    For more information, contact mission advocates Les and Jeanne Armstrong,  , (858) 663-0406.