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Escuela Cristiana Camirena


Escuela Cristiana Camirena

    Escuela Cristiana Camirena provides Christian education to children in Camiri, Bolivia. They also host a church, provide community events, and bring the Gospel to the community and the surrounding areas.

    Our Mission Purpose

    The mission of Escuela Cristiana Camirena is to provide Christian-based education for K-12 students in the poor community of Camiri, Bolivia - a community of around 35,000 people.

    Our Mission Activities

    The school provides Christian education and teaching in an area where typically no education of any kind is available. Led by Andreas Segovia, work at the mission includes meeting with teachers and staff to provide supplies, setup and maintaince computer lab equipment, and to maintain and improve the school campus itself. They also spend time with the students to help them develop their relationship with God.

    There is also a congregation that meets weekly at the school, and they offer many opportunities to share Christ with their community and the surrounding areas.

    The support provided by RBCPC and the Missions Committee has provided the means to accomplish many wonderful things for the students and staff of the school. Most importantly, this is a Christ-centered environment and the lives of many students, staff and family members have been transformed through the good work being done at Escuela Cristiana Camirena.

    How You Can Support Escuela Cristiana Camirena

    The main way to support the school is to donate funds needed to purchase supplies for the school and the offices. Funds are also needed to pay and keep teaching staff, as well as pay tuition for students. In Bolivia, there is no such thing as a non-profit organization, so they pay taxes on all income, which can be burdensome.

    Another way to support is to pray for the students and teachers, that God will bless their endeavors and futures, and for improvements of their life under their government, which can be challenging at times.

    More Information

    For more information, contact mission advocate Steve Barclay, , (858) 735-3256.