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Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)


Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

    We are a caring community, passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. Our objective is for every person in the world to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

    What is Cru?

    Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) is an international organization committed to fulfill the Great Commission through various ministries. Our strategy to reach the world is to win students for Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out to win and build Christ others for Christ.


    Through creative outreach, Cru staff and volunteers seek to introduce people to Christ. Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity to know someone who truly follows Jesus.


    We invest in the lives of students and others in our ministry, to build them in their faith so they can walk with Christ throughout their life. We invest through small groups and one-on-one discipleship.


    Our vision is that 100% of the people involved in our ministry are actively involved in the Great Commission, wherever their lives take them. We believe that God has a specific call for each person and we want to equip them for that calling.

    How is RBCPC involved?

    RBCPC has supported Cru ministry not only here in the US, but also in England, Hungary, and Mongolia. Four members of RBCPC currently serve on staff with Cru. Some more information about their ministries can be found below.

    Josh and Sarah Dean

    College Student Ministry

    Josh and Sarah pour into students at the universities in San Diego. These young people are passionate, gifted leaders and they enjoy directing that energy towards God's Kingdom!

    For more information, you can contact the Deans at, or email them at .

    Jenny Hurn

    International Student Ministry

    Jenny is launching a ministry to reach international students in the San Francisco Bay area. She is excited to invest in these future leaders from around the world!

    For more information, contact Jenny at , or (858) 449-0909.

    Linley Sullivan

    High School Ministry

    Linley is working with high school students at Rancho Bernardo High School and other high schools in North County. She is passionate about seeing young people follow Christ.

    For more information, contact Linley at , or (858) 437-2452.

    Find Out More

    To find out more about the Cru organization, visit