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Baja Presbyterian Missions


Baja Presbyterian Missions

    Baja Prebyterian Missions promotes Christ's message of hope, plants and grows churches, raises money for construction projects and supplements Pastor's salaries prior to church self-sufficiency.

    Our Mission Purpose

    Baja Presbyterian Missions is a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting the Gospel in Baja California, planting churches throughout Mexico, raising funds for the Presbytery of Mexico, and supporting Mexican pastors after the opening of a new church.

    Our Mission Activities

    Baja Presbyterian Missions has several annual mission activities that enable our donor churches to keep in touch with our partnership with the Mexican Presbyterian Churches in Baja.  We believe it’s all about relationships that are built on shared experiences, mutual trust, and accountability. In the past five years, the number of mission sites has increased from 15 to 34.

    • Annual Baja Day Trips – in April 2015 we conducted “Mission to Mexicali.” This was the 12th time we have held at Baja Day Trip for interested folks from the churches in San Diego Presbytery. We travel by two or three 15-passenger vans to visit selected Mexican Presbyterian churches or missions in Baja, hear from the pastor and meet some of the members and families in the community.
    • Annual Mission Fair Displays – BPM participates in Mission Fairs/Alternative Christmas Markets, etc., nearly every Sunday from early November to Christmas. For us this is a major connection with the churches and individual donors. Also we have the opportunity to network with other missions.  Baja Missions was RBCPC’s “Mission of the Month” in December 2013.
    • 50th Anniversary Celebration –“Ano del Jubileo” – a major event for BPM in 2014 was the celebration of chartering 50 years ago – thus the theme “Year of Jubilee.” The event was attended by more than 110 people from both sides of the border.
    • Backpacks for Baja – At the request of the Mexican Presbytery in Baja three years ago, our annual gift program was shifted to the purchase and gifting of backpacks stuffed with school supplies to the school-age children of the churches in Baja. Mission Fair shoppers contribute $12.50 or $13.00 per backpack.  The children receive the backpacks in January, in keeping with the Mexican tradition of exchanging gifts at the end of the “12 Days of Christmas.”  RBCPC also provided knitted beanies for the children.
    • Work parties and Salud y Vida Health Clinics at the site of Real de Rosarito mission. BPM provided funds for the down payment of the double-lot, hilltop site. We are helping pay the mortgage and related property development expenses.  Held in a trailer positioned on the site, the clinics are a channel of outreach to the residents in the new 750-home development in the hills inland from Rosarito Beach.  PFN has assigned a pastor to the site and has rented a nearby home for him and his wife. As a couple they visit with area residents; he conducts Sunday worship services and midweek Bible Studies at the Salud y Vida trailer. After school tutoring is also a feature of the mission outreach.

    Historical Note:  Among the leaders of Native Missions from the early 70s into the late 90s were Roland and Kay Taylor. Members of La Jolla Presbyterian Church, they endowed a Memorial Trust Fund with the Presbyterian Foundation. Designated for church construction, quarterly interest and dividend payments come to Baja Presbyterian Missions and the Presbytery of the Northwest Border. These payments amount to about $36,000 a year.

    How You Can Support Baja Presbyterian Missions

    Because we are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, our administrative expenses (primarily for postage and printing, Mission Fair displays) are quite low. Fully 95% of our receipts go to the work of the mission.

    Our needs are many. Most are on-going. Here are some specific needs for you to consider.

    The Real de Rosarito property is "getting real." A street address from the municipality was needed before utilities could be brought to the perimeter of the double-lot site, which commands beautiful views of ocean and mountains. Work parties have made the connections from the perimeter to the clinic. Longer-term major donations are needed to fund construction of a multi-purpose building for fellowship and worship. BPM needs your help to the Mexican Presbytery make monthly mortgage payments for the land at Real de Rosarito, Rosarito Beach, where the Salud y Vida Health Clinic Trailer is located. Payments to the Municipality have been lowered and are $460/month.

    More Information

    For more information, visit, or contact BPM Board President Bob Battenfield,  .